28 September 2022

My experience with mSix&Partners through the Ambitious About Autism Programme

At mSix&Partners we are extremely proud of our relationship with Ambitious about Autism and how they have helped us recruit more neurodiverse talent to the industry. mSix&Partners was the first media agency to launch the internship programme in 2017, to actively champion neurodiversity and unlock the potential of young autistic adults. Although many of our interns have continued to achieve great success within our agency network, we still feel there is little meaningful action within neurodiversity, even as the industry continues to make progress in areas such as gender, ethnicity and social mobility. This summer we welcomed Eleanor Forrest to our agency as our Marketing and New Business Intern through this partnership. We have had the pleasure of working with Eleanor over the past three months and as her internship comes to an end she has written a piece about her time at mSix&Partners and how the scheme has helped her flourish.

Thanks to Ambitious About Autism, I have been working as a Marketing and New Business Intern at mSix&Partners since the 4th of July and in every way, my experience has been fantastic.

Starting with the recruitment process, I felt very accommodated; the first task I had to do was design and submit a campaign for World Mental Health Awareness Week which would determine whether I would be interviewed. Oftentimes autistic people may be very talented, creative, and driven, but struggle to come across as confident in interviews and so I really appreciated that I was being primarily judged by my work above anything else. Additionally, I also worked with Ambitious About Autism to create a candidate profile and discuss accommodations so mSix already had some important information about me before I arrived, which was reassuring since I struggle to ask for help sometimes. I was also given plenty of information on the building, desk booking, and useful contacts so I had plenty of time to prepare and familiarize myself with the environment.

So far, I have helped with many tasks such as putting together the Weekly Standup Presentation, creating “Get Smart” Packs, writing POV posts, and much more. Everyone I have worked with has been kind and clear about their expectations. The agency has also been very flexible when it comes to hybrid working, so I was able to work from home most days of the week, but you are still allowed to come into the office whenever you want. They have also allowed me to take time off whenever necessary.

Furthermore, I also had the chance to take part in some company activities such as a Park Tidy as part of the national campaign “Love Parks” Week. Getting to meet and spend time with other colleagues was a great experience and made me feel like I belonged in the company, and being able to spend time working together towards a good cause was fulfilling.

In my time working here, I have gained a greater insight into the industry and developed my professional skills. The experience has helped kick start my career and has made me feel I feel much more confident about finding work in the future. To conclude, I would like to thank everyone who I have worked with so far for supporting me, and to express my gratitude once again to mSix and Ambitious About Autism for providing me with this wonderful opportunity.