19 July 2023

Express yourself: National Express’ campaign challenges perceptions of coach travel

National Express has teamed up with global media agency, mSix&Partners and creative agency, One Black Bear, in a campaign designed to spotlight the coach operator as a modern, reliable and great-value way to travel.

Showcased across multi-channels, the campaign features a 30-second TV spot set to the background of Charles Wright’s classic song – which also forms the campaign’s title – ‘Express Yourself’.

The video is designed to challenge negative perceptions of coach travel, by showcasing the new, modern and comfortable interior of the coach company’s fleet, while simultaneously highlighting it as a reliable and cost-effective way to travel.

Watch the video here.

Building around the brand’s established Express Yourself positioning, mSix&Partner has implemented a three-pillared approach, which involves using social media and influencer collaborations, targeting specific regions and optimising always-one performance channels.

The campaign follows the UK-based transport group’s recent announcement of its plan to change its name to Mobico, as it seeks to project a global image.

“At National Express, we are changing outdated perceptions of coach travel,” said National Express UK marketing director, Catherine Woolfe.

“Together we have developed a comprehensive campaign that drives maximum impact, attention and emotion, and helps us expand into a broader modal shift audience,” she added.

mSix&Partners UK managing director, Victoria Bickle, commented: “We’re so excited to support National Express on their continued journey as the UK’s leading public transport provider.”

“Adopting a data-led, multi-faceted approach allowed us to hone in on those consumers best served by National Express routes”

This article was first featured on Marketing Beat.