Fossil x Harry Potter Product Collection

Fossil x Harry Potter Product Collection


Fossil came to mSix&Partners with the challenge of marketing their new limited edition "Fossil x Harry Potter" product collection, featuring timepieces and jewellery inspired by the Harry Potter film series. In order to drive awareness, we partnered with TikTok to develop an innovative campaign that would help promote the product throughout Germany.


We developed five different videos and established a suite of In-Feed Ads on TikTok Ads Manager, optimised towards users that were likely to watch the videos for six seconds. We adopted a TikTok first approach, partnering with creators and utilising platform transitions and trends including voiceovers and unboxing. By encouraging the client to make “TikToks not ads” to create more native content tailored for the platform, we increased performance dramatically.



6s VTR


Average Watch Time

The campaign delivered a 6 second view-through rate of 22.96% at an efficient cost-per-view of just €0.01. The average watch time for the videos per person was 4.46 seconds, which was a great deal higher than the regional benchmarks, proving the ads provided engaging content. We successfully engaged our audience, signified through higher click metrics, and the overall success of the campaign resulted in Fossil seeing heightened attention and intent.

“TikTok allows us to connect with a highly engaged, unique community that perfectly matches with Fossil's brand spirit and values. The Harry Potter campaign is a great testament that genuine, authentic TikTok content not only enables us to form a connection with our target audiences but also inspires actionable interest. We look forward to exploring further opportunities on the platform”.